I am a software developer and a pigeon fancier.

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  1. Hello!

    I like the Sublime Text 2 too and I study the F# now. I want to solve a certain task (probability theory) in this language. It isn’t difficult, even trivial, but I am not able to think in functional style (yet). But it is programmed is very bulky in other styles. Besides I want to master functional programming. Advise, where it is possible to ask the help? Perhaps on the hubFS? I have noticed that there usually ask short accurate questions. Though my problem is simple, but formulated more vastly.

    With best regards, Vadim Tukaev, former OS/2-user, former linuxoid, former hater of ะก-style syntax, former hater of Windows, Microsoft & Bill Gates, former… I try to get rid of youthful maximalism, idealism and other bugs in my growing gray head.

  2. Hi Vadim,

    I’d suggest you search StackOverflow.com first for an answer to your question and then if you still don’t find an answer, either ask on StackOverflow or FPIsh.net

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