Rebar3 Beta1 on Chocolatey NuGet

I had a need for the Erlang build tool rebar for a project I was trying to start on; a bit of pen testing via Elixir.  I was going to pull down the rebar3 script from the site and fix it up for myself and it occurred to me that others might want a way to get the script easily too.  So rather than just building something to work for myself, I took a little extra time and built a Chocolatey NuGet package for Rebar3-Beta1.

The package takes care of insuring you’ve got Erlang first although honestly I can’t imagine anyone interested in Rebar that wouldn’t already have Erlang on their machine.  It also takes care of setting up a shortcut for Rebar and putting it in the path.  And, of course, like everything else in CNG, it also handles uninstalling the tool if you decide you no longer want or need it.

For now the package is still awaiting moderation on CNG but please feel free to pull it down and give it a try.  Feedback is a gift and I hope some of you will share that gift with me.

Rebar3 on ChocolateyNuGet

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