The Detail-Oriented Nature Of Software Development

One thing I have noticed about myself over the years; I’m not as good as I would care to be at focusing on details. In fact, sometimes I’m awful at paying attention to the details. As a software developer, of course, details are extremely important.

I’ve come up with (and read about) a few tricks/heuristics to keep me from forgetting important details:

  1. Checklists
  2. Scripts/code to automate repetitive chores (i. e. the more I can put into a script the less I need to pay attention to).
  3. Rubber duck debugging (i. e. sometimes just the act of talking through a problem helps me to discover an overlooked detail).

I would like to know what other techniques and tactics other developers do to cope with the amount of detail that we deal with in the course of our job.  Please share any thoughts/ideas you have on this subject in the comments.

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