GLFPC 2013 Unconference

Thanks to the fine folks at Detroit Labs we’ve been able to do a pivot on GLFPC 2013

Announcing the Great Lakes Functional Programming Unconference!

Are you sad that Great Lakes Functional didn’t get off the ground this year? We are too. Super sad.

It’s ok though, you can stop being sad now. Why? Well, a few of us here in the Detroit area are really dedicated to making sure there’s an awesome, thriving functional programming community here, and we’ve decided we’re going to throw an event anyways! We’re inviting anyone who purchased a ticket or planned to speak at GLFPC to come hang out for a free event at the Detroit Labs office on Saturday, November 9th, the same day we would have had the conference. We know it’s not exactly the Century Theater, but we’re pretty sure it will still be an awesome time, with plenty of space and chances for some open discussion. Detroit Labs has also offered to provide light refreshments.

If interested please contact Onorio Catenacci at to reserve your spot, and once again, a big thanks to Detroit Labs, Ann Arbor Scala Enthusiasts, and the GLFPC staff for continuing to assure that the FP community in Detroit thrives!


GLFPC mini-event

Saturday Nov 9th, times TBA

Detroit Labs Offices, 1520 Woodward, Detroit MI

BTW–one of the reasons that GLFPC 2013 failed to get off of the ground was the fact that no one was sharing the news.  If you support functional and you want to see functional programming conferences, I cannot emphasize enough–share this with your friends!  I (Onorio) don’t have money for an advertising budget for GLFPC (either conference or unconference) so I rely on those of us who are interested in functional programming to spread the word.  Even this unconference won’t succeed unless you help to get the word out.

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