F# Tip Of The Week (Week of August 12, 2013)

The F# developer can use pattern matching syntax pretty much anywhere in F#.  For example, consider the following list:

let l = [1..25]

If I want to get the last element of the list, I can do this with a little trivial pattern match:

let lastElem::_ = l |> List.rev;;

stdin(7,5): warning FS0025: Incomplete pattern matches on this expression. For example, the value '[]' may indicate a case not covered by the pattern(s).

val lastElem : int = 25

In this case, you can safely ignore the warning.

You can also pull one of the elements from a tuple very easily with this pattern match:

let name,_ = (“Onorio”,”11W”);;

val name : string = "Onorio"

The underscore character in both of these pattern matches functions as a wildcard.  In both cases it signifies a value that we don’t care about.

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