Getting The Band Back Together

So back in 2011 I was trying to get an F# user group going here in Detroit.  As is so often the case with user groups, most of the responsibility for setting things up and arranging things was falling on one person–me.  In fairness, the folks at Epitec did their best to help; they provided us a place to meet and they provided food.  Still I was the one always doing the presentations and, as anyone who’s ever run a user group knows, that burns a person out in short order.

Still I really wanted people to know the F# story; I think it’s very compelling.  Fast forward to 2012 when I joined John Fair at Quicken Loans.  John is another F#anatic (to coin an unnecessary neologism). John and I have both been running a weekly F# learning session for quite some time.  So yesterday I felt it’s time to apply some of what I’ve learned since 2011 and give another try to running an F# user group here in Detroit.  John has graciously agreed to help and I know that means I won’t be stuck doing all the heavy lifting.

We’re meeting on August 22; location is still to be determined as is the topic of the first meeting.  But either way, I am excited to once again be able to start sharing the F# goodness.  And there is a lot of goodness there.

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