CodeStock 2012

First of all, kudos to Michael Neel and everyone that put on CodeStock.  This was my first time attending CodeStock and to see such a well-run conference is always a pleasure. I know from experience that there’s a lot of work that goes in to making things run that smoothly.

I got to attend a few very interesting sessions.  Mike Falanga’s session on using F# and MongoDB for analysis of large datasets was very interesting.  Daniel Mohl’s session on F# and Web Development was also good—and it was really nice to meet Daniel in person and get a chance to gab with him a bit.  There were a few folks from the Nashville area at the conference and they must have some major-league brain power out that way.

Also Rob Gillen’s talk on how buffer overflow attacks work was both fascinating and a bit scary. I can just imagine how many unpatched vulnerabilities there are running around in all the publicly deployed sites I regularly depend on.

Finally, here’s the slide deck for my F# Shell Scripting Talk.  I’ll edit this post later to share sample code.  I’ve posted the slide deck as a PDF file to maximize the number of people that can see it.

Note: Thanks to Dennis for pointing out to me that I got the name of the presenter for the buffer overflow attack talk incorrect. 

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